Tim Tadder

May 8, 2024

As an emerging fine art photographer, Tim Tadder has become one to watch in the contemporary art scene on a global scale. His work is featured exclusively in Avant Gallery in Hudson Yards, NYC, Miami, Aventura, and Dubai. As his work continues to get noticed, he is starting to become identified in the global art market. However, his emergence into the art market was not an easy feat.

Tim became immersed in his conceptual art and ultimately started selling his fine art photography in 2017. He was represented by numerous small-scale galleries at the onset, then ultimately landed upon Avant Gallery to solidify a highly curated and collaborative relationship.

But as a newly emerging artist on the scene, how did he get here? Here are some tops tips to help get you started:

1. Galleries—securing a gallery representation may seem unattainable at first, but there are many small and large-scale galleries seeking new artists to represent. The only way to know is to do your research and seek galleries that are aligned with your art. Be on the lookout for galleries that want to collaborate, promote, and introduce your work to other collectors. If they love your work, they will let everyone know!

2. Press—garnering editorial features, articles, press releases, & interview Q&A is key to getting your name out there. These publications can be digital, print, or even blog posts. Numerous art publications are looking to feature new and upcoming artists. The fundamental art to landing press, whether it be micro-level or macro, is the pitch. Editors receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of pitches per day. When it comes to pitching a publication, keep it short and sweet! Include images of your work and a short artist statement.

3. Content—post, post, post! Showcase your work and use hashtags about your medium. The more you put content out there, the more likely it is that you will receive more eyes on your work!

4. Displays—there are always businesses out there who are looking for art to display in their office, restaurant, or hotel. Make a connection and simply ask. Businesses look to collaborate with local artists in their area.

5. Speaking Engagements—don’t be shy! People love to listen to the artist’s perspective. Try Clubhouse, Podcasts, Telegram, or simply connect with other artists to listen to others’ points of view. Attending networking events will create relationships that may be valuable in the long run.

Overall, as an emerging artist, you must be willing to have the courage to follow your vision and seek out opportunities that will enhance or improve your creative ideas. Building meaningful relationships with other creatives will make way for a brighter future and establish your name in the art world.

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